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Jason Baldridge Photography
These Racers will get recognition at this Sunday 2014 Byron Dragway Champions Banguet held At the Prairie View Golf course Pavillion in Byron, IL

Super Pro

1. Ryan Fasano
2. Ryan McCann
3. Scott LaBudde
4. Charlie Hamma
5. Dennis DiValerio
6. Bob Hendrickson
7. Ken Norup
8. Mark Wicker
9. Jeff Billeter
10. Pat Gillespie
11. Shane Pope
12. Justin Finefield
13. Bill Curtis (Sr)
14. Bob Anderson
15. Brent Vincent
16. Andrew DiPiazza
17. Kip Norup
18. Jim Laughlin
19. Tim Vincent
20. Mitch Vincent

Darren Burkhart
Jake Billeter
Ray Smith
mike Cole
Pete Kreinbrink
James Overland
Mark Langfoss
Don Schomer
Gordy Buetsch
John Janssen

Street Eliminator
Joe Zehnder
Paul Zimmerman
Eric Fee
Randy Heinzeroth
Kristin Lear

Joe Zehnder
Clay Schlueter
John Janssen
Chris Folk
Brian Hampton

Juniors Advanced
Zach Lewis
Blake Vangsness
Kamryn mason
Caleb Grennan
Tyler Flaningam

Juniors 8-11
Charlie Gannon
Grace Haas
Brandon Loeschen
Bobby Bode
Carson Grennan

Super Pro
2-Ryan McCann
3- Scott LaBudde
4-Charlie Hamma
5-Dennis DiValerio
6-Bob Hendrickson
7-Mark Wicker
8-Jeff Billeter
9-Pat Gillespie
10-Shane Pope

Pro Eliminator
2- Jake Billeter
3-Ray Smith
4-Mike Cole
5-Pete Kreinbrink

2-Clay Schlueter
3-John Janssen
4-Brian Hampton
5- Chris Folk

Street Eliminator
2-Paul Zimmerman
3-Eric Fee
4- Randy Heinzeroth
5-Kristin Learn

Jr Dragsters Advanced
2- Blake Vangsness
3- Kamryn Mason
4-Caleb Grennan
5-Tyler Flaningam

Jr Dragsters 8-11
2-Grace Haas
3-Brandon Loeschen
4-Bobby Bode
5-Carson Grennan

Street Bike
2-Ted Thompson
3-Bob Dougherty
4-Jake Manzke
5-Tyrone Lee

Drag Bike
2. Dan McCarten
3. Frank Linders
4. Bill Homuth
5. John Niles

Street Brawler
2-Jen Rosendahl
3-Randy Heinzeroth

Street Intimidator
2-Jeff Snow
3-Tad Hubner

Street Heat
2-Martin Rosendahl
3-Craig Coffey

Street Limited
2-Tom Bright
3-Jim Laughlin

Pro Avenger
2-Marty Weston
3-Doyle Jones

Pro Dominator
2-Jim Pydo
3-Bob Schwebke

Pro Extreme
2-Ron Bochenek
3-Ed Banderowicz

Seneca High School
2014 ?
2nd Place Champions

2014 Super Pro Track Champion
Ryan Fasano

2014 Super Pro No Box Track Champion
Ken Norup

2014 Pro Eliminator Track Champion
Darren Burkhart

2014 Street Eliminator Track Champion
Joe Zehnder

2014 Sportsman Track Champion
Joe Zehnder

2014 Jr Dragster Advanced Track Champion
Zach Lewis

2014 Jr Dragster 8-11 Track Champion
Charlie Gannon

2014 Motorcycle Track Champion
Greg Darm

2014 HighSchool Track Champions
Byron Tigers

2014 Street Brawler Track Champion
Tracy Reeder

2014 Street Intimidator Track Champion
David Moore

2014 Street Heat Track Champion
Greg Tinney

2014 Street Limited Track Champion
Ken Longo

2014 Pro Avenger Track Champion
Lee Kapustka

2014 Pro Dominator Track Champion
Jerry Sipe

2014 Pro Extreme Track Champion
Cory Lamb

2014 Street Bike Track Champion
Scott Parker

Super Pro
Ryan Fasano
Andrew DiPiazza
Tim Vincent
Bill Curtis
Bob Hendrickson
Dennis DiValerio
Doug Kruse
Bryan Yoemans
Bill Butusov

Brent Vincent
Mitch Vincent
Jim Laughlin
Mike Cole
Bob Disch
James Overland
Ken Norup
Don Schomer
Pete Kreinbrink
Jim Kovacs
Kip Norup
Bill Curtis Jr
Jeff Billeter
Torry Williams
Ray Smith
Mark Langfoss

Joe Zehnder
John Janssen
Clay Schlueter
Brian Hampton

Super Pro Bike
Greg Darm
Dan McCarten
Johnathan Vickers

High School
Emma Ballard
Chase Hubner
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