Pre-registration for the 2021 edition of the Glory Days Vintage Drag Race (July 16-18) opens on New Years Day at 9:00 AM CST. But before you sign up, be sure that your car, truck or motorcycle meets the event criteria for this 1966 and earlier vintage event.

How to Register

Registration is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1: Prepare to send an email addressed to

2: Tell us your:
-City, State, Zip
-Phone Number
-Year/Make/Model of Vehicle
-Attach a Side Picture of Car
-Approximate E.T. of Car

3: Click send! We will reply to everyone but please be patient!

Glory Days Event Criteria


Glory Days is intended to be a fun event that pays homage to a very specific, 1966 and earlier era in drag racing.  We are not looking to set world records or crown world champions. We are looking to connect racers and race fans who share a love for the sport and where it came from.

Cars must be 1966 or earlier. The only exception being cars with only slight body style changes. For instance, ’66-’67 Chevelle, ’66-’67 Fairlane, etc… These are acceptable examples of cars with only slight changes from the previous model years styling. This rules excludes 1967 Camaro’s or Firebirds.

Byron Dragway is an NHRA Member Track. Era correct appearance is important but safety is always the highest priority. All cars and drivers are required to comply with the 2021 NHRA Rulebook. Questions? Please call Byron Dragway at 815-391-0000.

Glory Days staff reserves the right to allow a car “too cool to miss the event” to participate.

Wheels are required to be a reproduction or original 1960s style wheel. Moon discs must be the screw on style. GM 1st Series Rally wheels are allowed – remove center car and trim ring to race. OEM style wheels are allowed. A wheel that is a nostalgic wheel, such as a slat flats wheel or gasser front spoked wheel are allowed. See the “Not Allowed” section below for more wheel details. If you have safety concerns, DO NOT run an original wheel. Upgrade to a modern copy. 

What Type of Equipment is Allowed

YES to… Tribute cars, restored gassers, rails, altered, super stock, hot rods, stockers, bikes, etc…

YES to… Original/unrestored race cars, barn finds, running or not running – BRING IT.

YES to… Most front engine dragsters (FED). Does not need to be original pre-1966. Must fit the theme of the event.

YES to… Current built FED chassis, as long as car/wheels fit the overall look and the car fits the event.

YES to… Edelbrock carbs, Holley cars, Demon, Stromberg reproduction and vintage style carbs. Injection, Enderle, Hilborne, Crower, and others that are vintage style.

YES to… Reproduction finned aluminum valve covers, intakes, scoops, gauges, etc…

YES to… GMC type super chargers, new or old. Or factory equipped superchargers, e.i., Studebaker.

YES to… Modern safety equipment, cage, helmet, belts, fire suit, scatter shields, slicks, wheel studs, drive shaft loops, engine diapers, etc… We aim for era correct appearance but prioritize today’s safety.

YES to… Vintage paint or recently restored cars.

YES to… Rev limiters, electronic ignitions, MSD, alternators, etc…

YES to… Disc brakes, front or rear.

YES to… Crate motors, big blocks, after market Hemi’s.

YES to… Pie crust slicks – Hurst, Towel City, etc…

YES to… Vintage drag bikes. We are looking more for the look of the bike than the year. Nothing that screams modern.

NOT ALLOWED: The type of equipment that requires removal or changed. Failure to follow will grant you show car parking only – no racing.

NO to… Any car that does not have era-correct wheels. PERIOD.

No to… Showing up with a car that does not match the picture you submitted. This includes “forgetting to change wheels, remove cowl hood, etc…

NO to… Cowl induction hoods, bubble, snorkel, or clearly later than the 1960s hood scoop.

NO to… Pro-Street, pro touring, ‘80s graphics, pastel paints, florescent paints, even if the car is ’66 or earlier but it just doesn’t fit the theme of the event.

NO to… Nitrous Oxide. Bottle is not allowed to be in the car. You will be disqualified from racing if you’re caught using it.

NO to… Turbo’s of any kind.

NO to… Predator carbs.

NO to… Weld Wheels, Centerlines, Pro-Stars, Super Tricks, or other billet wheels that came out in 1969 or later.

NO to… Unusual homemade blower setups that do not look period correct or are unsafe.

NO to… Billet valve covers, unless under a closed hood.

NO to… Delay boxes, stutter boxes, or other annoying electronic devices that make your car stutter.

NO to… Exposed modern engines such as modern LS engines, unless under a closed hood. Not allowed in rails or altereds.

NO to… White or yellow lettering on modern slicks. Hoosier, Goodyear, Phoenix, etc… must have the lettering removed. There are YouTube videos detailing how to safely remove lettering. Old school type white lettering is allowed.

NO to… Golf carts after dark. A track issued golf cart permit is required. Golf cart drivers must have a valid driver’s license.

Questions? Email or call 815-391-0000.