As a convenience to our racers, Byron Dragway will be hosting NHRA Chassis Inspectors David Luken and Ted Peters, for race car chassis inspections and certifications.

Any car running 9.99-seconds (6.39 1/8-mile) or quicker in the quarter-mile is required to have the chassis inspected and an NHRA/SFI certification sticker affixed. All sportsman certification tags are valid for 3-years from the date of inspection; pro certification tags are valid for 1-year from the date of inspection.

Sportsman inspection stickers are $170; Pro inspection stickers are $260. No additional inspector service or travel fee is charged for inspections completed at designated remote inspection sites or NHRA events.

Inspections are conducted on an appointment basis to help alleviate waiting and congestion. Please fill out the contact form below to schedule your appointment.

Appointments will be scheduled every 20 minutes from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CDT. Chassis appointments are strictly limited to no more than 20 appointments, per inspector, per day. For that reason, we are scheduling two days of chassis inspections.

Availability for appoints are very limited at this time. Please call 815-391-0000 to schedule an inspection.

Saturday, 9:00 AMChad bradham
Saturday, 9:00 AMMatt arwood
Saturday, 9:20 AMRick L Rucker
Saturday, 9:20 AMBrett Williamson
Saturday, 9:40 AMBrad Antonioni
Saturday, 9:40 AMGary Erickson
Saturday, 10:00 AMRich Hickd
Saturday, 10:00 AMEliezer Nieves
Saturday, 10:20 AMJeff jones
Saturday, 10:20 AMWesley Spurlock
Saturday, 10:40 AMTroy Christensen
Saturday, 10:40 AMEric Cisneros
Saturday, 11:00 AMEric Grace
Saturday, 11:00 AMJohn Lynch
Saturday, 11:20 AMMIKE MILLER
Saturday, 11:20 AMJeff Land
Saturday, 11:40 AMJeff Land
Saturday, 11:40 AMJay Allen
Saturday, 12:20 PMKyle Needham
Saturday, 12:20 PMKimJensen
Saturday, 12:40 PMScott Frost
Saturday, 12:40 PMBrandon Phillips
Saturday, 1:00 PMMije Etchison
Saturday, 1:00 PMAaron Johnson
Saturday, 1:20 PMDavid Losher
Saturday, 1:20 PMCamron Frederick
Saturday, 1:40 PMDean Cummings
Saturday, 1:40 PMKevin Borshell
Saturday, 2:00 PMDennis
Saturday, 2:00 PMDavid Barker
Saturday, 2:20 PMKevin Czajkowski
Saturday, 2:20 PMTony Bigelow
Saturday, 2:40 PMDavid Ringelstetter
Saturday, 2:40 PMAmdrew Pavesich
Saturday, 3:00 PMErik Woodson
Saturday, 3:00 PMMike hobson
Saturday, 3:20 PMJimmie Moore
Saturday, 3:20 PMLeonard Anderson III
Saturday, 3:40 PMLee Kapustka
Saturday, 3:40 PMJeff Spierling
Sunday, 9:00 AMEd frost
Sunday, 9:00 AMwilliam schwebke
Sunday, 9:20 AMJohn Reese
Sunday, 9:20 AMJim Kasallis
Sunday, 9:40 AMJim Kasallis
Sunday, 9:40 AMJim Burns
Sunday, 10:00 AMDerek Degnitz
Sunday, 10:00 AMMonty Fisher
Sunday, 10:20 AMFred Fregin
Sunday, 10:20 AMPatrick Shea
Sunday, 10:40 AMKen Harvey
Sunday, 10:40 AMDan Hardt
Sunday, 11:00 AMScott Bruns
Sunday, 11:00 AMKip Norup
Sunday, 11:20 AMMIKE MILLER
Sunday, 11:20 AMKen Harvey
Sunday, 11:40 AMDavid Garas
Sunday, 11:40 AMWarren Strum
Sunday, 12:20 PMRick Thomas
Sunday, 12:20 PMNathan Mcmaster
Sunday, 12:40 PMCurt Leighty
Sunday, 12:40 PMJerry Van Hauen
Sunday, 1:00 PMBud Smith
Sunday, 1:00 PMJoe Girouard
Sunday, 1:20 PMMatt Rogers
Sunday, 1:20 PMCraig Pfaff
Sunday, 1:40 PMConor Pfaff
Sunday, 1:40 PMbob Lembke
Sunday, 2:00 PMMatt rogers
Sunday, 2:00 PMsteve burman
Sunday, 3:00 PMJim Hickey
Sunday, 3:00 PMDon Humphreys
Sunday, 3:20 PMKyle Porzky
Sunday, 3:20 PMJeff limmex
Sunday, 3:40 PMBrian Hansen
Sunday, 3:40 PMTed Cannon