Any car running 9.99-seconds (6.39 1/8-mile) or quicker in the quarter-mile is required to have the chassis inspected and an NHRA/SFI certification sticker affixed. All sportsman certification tags are valid for 3-years from the date of inspection; pro certification tags are valid for 1-year from the date of inspection.

Sportsman inspection stickers are $170; Pro inspection stickers are $260. No additional inspector service or travel fee is charged for inspections completed at designated remote inspection sites or NHRA events.

Inspections are conducted on an appointment basis to help alleviate waiting and congestion. Please fill out the contact form below to schedule your appointment.

Appointments will be scheduled every 20 minutes from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CDT on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

To schedule or cancel your appointment, please call 815-391-0000.

Scheduled Appointments

9:00 AMScotty Haas
9:00 AMShawn woodworth 
9:20 AMScott Haas
9:20 AMBenjamin Bacon
9:40 AMJohn Lipovsky
9:40 AMTim Vincent
10:00 AMWayne Garland
10:00 AMJosh Goike
10:20 AMHerman Tschudy
10:20 AMRobert Bychowski 
10:40 AMDave Elliott
10:40 AMDan Hess
11:00 AMJohn Schadt
11:00 AMMike Ballard 
11:20 AMJoshua S Champlain
11:20 AMDave Elliott
11:40 AMJohn McKenzie
11:40 AM
12:20 PMBob Armstrong
12:20 PMMark Schwarz
12:40 PMAnthony Price
12:40 PMRob Deiter
1:00 PMDerek Moser
1:00 PMClay Schlueter
1:20 PMDale Phillips 
1:20 PMmike alley
1:40 PMJim Kovacs
1:40 PMBob rapp
2:00 PMTed Cannon
2:00 PMJohnny Garza
2:20 PMJoe Hansen
2:20 PMBob rapp
2:40 PMKen norup
2:40 PMDave Meccia
3:00 PMRonald  Green
3:00 PMCharles Killough
3:20 PMKip Norup
3:20 PMMike Briner
3:40 PMJeff Spierling
3:40 PMBrent Rooker